"Explorations in watercolor, pen and ink, acrylics, collagraph, mixed media, textures and digital art!"

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The Artist

Susan Whisenand, artist, paints in a variety of ways. The artwork shown on this website represents explorations into watercolor, watercolor with pen and ink, textural abstract mixed media and digital art.

Watercolor is the artist’s first choice for painting portraits of animals, people and florals. 

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Artistic Styles

Using pen and ink, the artist creates a more illustrative effect on watercolor backgrounds. Laying in areas of color as impressions of shapes for the background, the artist then adds relevant details to the various color impressions to create something recognizable such as flowers, leaves, branches, or parts of the human figure.

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Artist’s Intention

Some paintings begin with no special intention other than to explore color, composition, line and feelings. When these are successful, the artist considers them happy accidents or something pulled unawares from the subconscious. Other paintings have something specific in mind, particularly when it comes to portraits.

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